Take a Seat

Another year, another project. While Xpat Alien itself is running strong and true, the Crop Circle Cantina is showing its age. For 2019, our crew needs to replace all our bar tops. As we are internally funded, the cost of this upgrade is prohibitive. We have come up with a plan that will not only cover the cost of repairs, it will add a snark factor even veteran Burners will appreciate.

Our bar has 6 benches, each of which were built for 3 people (believe me, we have had more than 3 people on them, you merely have to get super cozy). With this arrangement, we have some configuration of 18 seats available at any given time. Would you like to guarantee yourself at seat at the bar every time you come to visit? Put your name on it…

Xpat Alien will be auctioning off all 18 seats at the bar. You can pick the seat of your choice to bid on based upon personal preference. Should you be the winner, we will embed a metal plaque on the bar top with your name on it. That’s right - we will embed a plaque in the bar top with your name. Hello, snark factor! What could be better than walking in and telling someone they are literally in your seat? 80,000 participants at Burning Man and you have right of booty space at the most incredible day bar on playa.

We will be posting auction details shortly. Here’s to another amazing year.

XOXA from Dingo (Co-Captain, Money Mistress, and Chief Maternal Officer)